DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs!

This year for Easter, I tried something a little different than the normal ol’ dunk-n-dry Paas stuff. I had my watercolors out while sitting on the back deck watching my baby chicks explore the great outdoors (supervised, of course!) and got the itch to color eggs.

What a perfect combination, watercolor and white hard-boiled eggs! Now, in full disclosure, this was the first time I ever tried watercoloring eggs. But it’s SUPER easy, fun, and just the right amount of messy!

Just grab some white hard boiled eggs, a watercolor palette, brush, and glass of water. It helps to dunk your eggs in some water first, then set them in their egg carton. Load your brush up with some watercolor – a good mixture of lots of color and water – and let it drop onto the top of the egg. This creates a fun look! The drier the egg gets, the more the color will stick, and the wetter it is (before you let it dry) the runnier the color will look. Go crazy and try all different colors!

Then I grabbed my Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip and decided to do a really fancy hand-lettered egg! A simple “Happy Easter” message and a rainbow of colors dripped onto the egg made for the cutest egg I’ve ever created!

Next year, I’ll have to try some more fun techniques – there are SO many good ideas out there! Have you tried this technique before?

What’s YOUR favorite way to color an egg?

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