When Clients “Ghost” You

What is ghosting?


Explanation of what ghosting is

What to do when you think you’re being ghosted

1. First things first

2. Stop doing work for them

3. Tack on those late fees

If a client has already made the decision in their mind to never pay you, late fees may be a moot point. But hopefully if

4. Send polite reminders

5. Refer to your contract

6. Call them

7. Still nothing? Reach out in other ways

8. Send a demand letter

9. Lawyer up if necessary


10. Move on

You are arguably losing even more money by wasting time dealing with them or trying to track them down. If you’ve exhausted all avenues of trying to get them to pay, in most cases it’s best to just move on with your life and business. …

How to prevent ghosting in the future

1. Have a contract


2. Look for red flags


3. Manage expectations

4. Don’t start work without a deposit

5. Don’t do business with untrustworthy people

This is a hard one. Of course you wouldn’t do business with untrustworthy people!! Unfortunately..

Eventually, you’ll learn to smell the BS from a mile away.

6. Don’t do business with startups

This is also a hard one..

7. Don’t do business with friends & family unless you’re doing it for free


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