Thanks for stopping by! This is a blog and online community for Creative Professionals—Those fearless entrepreneurs, savvy graphic designers, aspiring hand-letterers, adventurous artists, and anyone who is looking for the best inspiration or resources out there. I’m passionate about art, design, and business, and I want to share things the I’ve learned in my professional—and personal—life, and ways I’ve been able to overcome those negative feelings like anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and fear. YOU are creative and I want to help you tap into your inner confident self and be the most positive—and successful—Creative you can be!

One way I’ve decided to help others along in their creative journey is by creating the Creative Life Club. This is a special community of like-minded people who want to become more confident and creative—whoever you are!— in their everyday lives. Joining the club gives you access to a number of helpful and inspirational printables and files. Come join us if you haven’t already!

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Laura W. Bingham

Hi! I’m Laura, Graphic Designer with 10 years experience, and well, about a million other things. I love creating. I’m passionate, ambitious, positive, and I love helping people.

I’m also willing to admit I’ve had—and still do sometimes—some challenges throughout my life: anxiety, paralyzing panic attacks, depression, major self-doubt. I used to be extremely embarrassed about this, but NO more! I’ve slowly learned how to overcome these obstacles and use them as motivation to accomplishing the things I want to get done in life. I’ve been able to quit my stressful agency job, start my own businesses, and get to know myself again. I’ve realized that I can help others that might have the same negative feelings I’ve gone through.

Most of all, I’m here to help aspiring or beginning graphic designers, hand-letterers, artists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs—to inspire, encourage, and help live a confident, creative life! 

Located in Denver, Colorado
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Who I Am:

  • Graphic Designer

  • Artist

  • Hand-Letterer

  • Blogger

  • Ladypreneur

  • Army Wife

  • Dog Mom

  • Non-Profit Founder & Board Member

  • Traveler

  • Crazy Chicken Lady

What I Love:

  • Graphic Design

  • Planners

  • Mixed Media Art

  • Paper Crafts

  • Adventures, especially camping & road trips

  • My dogs & chickens

  • Typography & Hand Lettering

  • Hiking & being outdoors

  • Volunteering & Helping Others

  • Popcorn